[WG-ISI] ANCR agenda 10-Mar-21

Vitor Jesus vj at vitorjesus.com
Tue Mar 9 13:00:37 UTC 2021

Hello all,

Apologies for cross posting.

Please note daylight savings shift and Kantara Calendar set to EST.

This is the agenda for our call tomorrow at ANCR.


      Date and Time

  * *Wednesday 10:30 EST*
      o Screenshare and dial-in:

        United States: +1 (224) 501-3316, Access Code: 485-071-053
        (confirm or change)

      o See ANCR calendar for additional details:


  * Roll
  * IPR
  * Minutes  Approval
  * Agenda Approval
  * Intros
  * Agenda Items Discussion
      o Actions pending
      o Actions new
  * Updates from the consent community
  * AOB

        Roll call

Participant Roster 

*IRP Policy Announcement*

        Approve minutes

  * Will wait for updated minutes from 20210203
  * ANCR WG 20210303
    <https://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/WA/ANCR+WG+20210303> minutes
    for approval



 1. Review of receipt fields. Everyone should review spreadsheet which
    is in the files folder
     1. https://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/WA/File+lists
     2. Editable spreadsheet for review:

 2. Narrative
     1. Mark's Update
     2. Blog Post
         1. Presented work to DIACC
         2. OpenID Paper Submission (Harsh lead)
 3. Delta 1.1.
     1. Mark's Update
 4. Open issues
 5. Admin Workflow and Resources
 6. Formalize work plan
     1. Expand group participation, open to all
     2. Presentations from abcd to W
 7. ISO input
 8. Elections

Vitor Jesus
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