[WG-InfoSharing] (Tuples) work on standardisation an approach to Data Type x Data Purpose x Authority for Processing as mentioned on the call today

Iain Henderson iainhenderson at mac.com
Thu Apr 2 21:37:36 UTC 2020

Hi all, 

This is the work we mentioned on the call earlier today that takes a stab at an 80/ 20 rule approach to building a standard list of:

- data types (i.e. general categories into which specific data attributes can be grouped)

- data purposes (i.e. general categories into which specific uses of data can be grouped)

- 6 legal bases/ authorities for data processing under GDPR

The Powerpoint is the overview of the three inputs and how they can be combined and turned into an information sharing agreement.

The spreadsheet is more the raw material, sheet 1 is the only one to look at I think where it lists out the 1,800 or so permutations given the above inputs (1,800 is a lot, but these would be deployed to be machine readable).

To these, as discussed today; we could add:

- industry vertical/ domain

As discussed; these lists will never be definitive. But this work came about as John and I both have more years than we care to mention under our belts consulting to large organisations who all think they are unique, but in practice their data needs are 80% the same.

Hope that all makes sense, it may be that we need to discuss further next week.



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