[WG-InfoSharing] Receipt Demo session at Identiverse 2019

Andrew Hughes andrewhughes3000 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 00:15:28 UTC 2019

A very successful session. Thank you to all of you who contributed,
recorded those demo videos, prepared software to show, presented your
solutions and encouraged your colleagues to lend support.
My personal goal for this round of the show was to show the audiences that
the ‘receipt’ is a real thing and that companies from many different
industries have taken the initiative to add it to their tools. After the
session, Sal, Alec and I had conversations that confirmed that the message
was delivered successfully.
We were given a ‘Masterclass’ slot - 50 minutes instead of the typical 25
minute length. This allowed us to walk the audience through the setup
narrative and to show them *six distinct demos!*
Another goal was to convince the audience that because they are required to
keep records anyway, that adding code to generate a ‘receipt’ rendering of
that record is a very small lift. Alec mentioned this in his segment -
IDENTOS added the ‘receipt’ once they learned of the work and have been
able to blend the concept into their app seamlessly.
Despite having our session at 8:30 am the morning after the conference
party, we had around 50 people in the room - and most faces were attentive.
So again - thank you all - and your companies are hopefully benefiting from
the exposure and gaining connections from these shows. I encouraged people
to snap the contact info pages as we went - and the slides and video will
be posted by the conference in a few weeks.
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