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Mark Lizar - OCG m.lizar at openconsentgroup.com
Sun Mar 27 01:19:38 CDT 2016

Hi All, 

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I have noticed that lots of the language in the specification is a bit awkward in that we have been trying to use the ISO 29100 terminology framework of a consent centric specification.  Even though the ISO privacy framework is a very helpful base for terms and concepts it is not consent centric and really available as terms people can grasp and use. 

In this regard, I have been playing with the terms Grantee and Grantor as operational terms to describe Alice and Bob’s role in the consent . 

Grantee - being the entity provisioning (or giving) consent - Grantor being the entity that is harvesting the consent ( or taking)  consent. I like grantee, as it embodies a person and has an inherent rights to manage the use of consent post provision. 

Would there being objection to adding these two terms to the spec and mapping:
1. grantee to PI subject, Data subject,
2. grantor to PI Controller, Data Controller 

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