[WG-InfoSharing] Call On Monday 21 March

Mark Lizar - OCG m.lizar at openconsentgroup.com
Fri Mar 18 03:44:38 CDT 2016

HI All, 

Reminder, I  am running a workshop on Real Consent & Design on Monday so will not be able to attend the call.  Shall we postpone to later in the week or cancel for this week? 

In so far as an update goes, the Consent Design workshop has really shaped up.  We have a great bunch of speakers with consent bas platforms talking about design and the workshop is being co-led by Loughborough university Phd Alessandro Carelli, where we are developing  a  consent design templates for mapping consent experiences for open consent, consent metrics and consent receipts. 

The idea is to have a workshop to map elements of consent design to phases of consent and consent capabilities.  I will endeavour to provide a full report after the event. 

Kind Regards, 

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