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Mark Lizar - OCG m.lizar at openconsentgroup.com
Mon Mar 7 16:03:04 CST 2016


Mark & Mary
regrets - Iain and John

Mark: update on Kantara Changes
Mark is now BOT Liaison
Colin Wallis is now the Executive Director
Kantara is moving from the IEEE umbrella as independant non-profit
Kantara can also be a nonprofit and an SDO
Leadership Council Elections Happening
Mary suggested we could use the format the UXC at IDESG has to finish:
group agrees on what is needed: agree on a process, make a finite list of things that have to be checked for consistency, schedule the work and then get through it: 
make compliant with relevant policy

create a consistent set of definitions or terms either in doc, or as addendum

check spec against any references, systems or resources we determine are critical

schedule these items in each week, cover them regardless who comes to get it finished, document decisions.

Mark suggests schedule for review:  
scope and objective (need to clarify this to get things moving)
table review - going well offline
terms - need to review and refine
guidance as we go along and finish
Knowledge base/appendix
Mark suggest the specification should have:

Preamble - why a spec is needed
i.e. what a spec should do
Scope for Fields - the table we have now - needs reviewing and comments
is for explicit consent
 each field should have guidance for the specific elements: 
for providing a record,
how to present the record,
timing for record,
the format and order of fields and what is in them,
linking the fields and linking to documents, adding additional elements
each field should have legal reference or requirement
Guidance for fields and specification.
list of definitions
Guidance for Consent
suggest adding consent guidance documentation for fields and consent receipts/records
Knowledge Base - (similar appendix)
 purpose categories
action; Mark Lizar <https://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/%7Esmarthart> to propose refined objectice and scope on list for discussion (as set in email)

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