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Thanks for sending. I would change the relevant bullet under Areas of Consideration to read instead of Consent Management as follows:

Privacy (Notice, Choice and Control, Correction/Redress)

Consent management is only part of what is required for privacy assurance.



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Forgive the second notice... but TelcoID was omitted from the original note.  This was my oversight.  Apologies again and thanks in advance for your feedback and any agreements to 'sign on' as proposers!

= Joni
On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 9:34 AM, Joni Brennan <joni at ieee-isto.org<mailto:joni at ieee-isto.org>> wrote:
Hello WGs / DGs,

The WGs/DGs copied are being contacted because this draft charter identifies each group as 'related' to this discussion.  Recently the IAWG has discussed a desire to explore work around Attribute Management.  The draft DG charter below was crafted, with IAWG input, to capture that discussion and to define a scope which focuses on:

- Identification of KI stakeholder requirements
- Discovery of works in progress already (both internal and external to KI)
- Performance of gap analysis (between the KI requirements and the works in progress)
- Development of recommendation on how Kantara should move forward.  Potentially to:
     - seek to adopt works in progress (external to KI)
     - seek to engage in collaboration on works in progress (external to KI)
     - seek to form a KI WG to develop new Attribute Management work(s)

We have 2 requests at this time:
1. Send comments back at your earliest convenience.  For timing, we'd like to move this forward next week.
2. Confirm if you would 'sign-on' as a proposer (item 6)

Thank you in advance for your time, comments and endorsement for this draft.

(1) DISCUSSION GROUP NAME (and any acronym or abbreviation of the name): The DG name, acronym and abbreviation must not include trademarks not owned by the Organization, or content that is infringing, harmful, or inappropriate.

Attribute Management Discussion Group (AMDG)

(2) DISCUSSION TOPIC/PURPOSE/MOTIVATION: Please provide a clear statement of the topic, purpose, and/or motivation for requesting the formation of this DG.
The purpose of this Discussion Group is to:
- IDENTIFY: Consensus on a working definition of "Attribute" for purposes of fulfilling further bullets below.
- IDENTIFY: Kantara Initiative stakeholder requirements regarding Attribute Management.
- DISCOVER: Attribute Management activities under development both internal and external to Kantara Initiative.
- GAP ANALYSIS: Attribute Management KI stakeholder requirements compared to work under development (both internal and external to KI)
- RECOMMEND: scope of work, potential KI adoption of external works, collaboration with external organizations and/or new WG in KI to perform design phase of Attribute Management based on requirements, discovery and gap analysis.

Areas of consideration include Attribute:
- Assurance
- Schema
- Provisioning
- Binding
- Consent Management (Release, Notice, Privacy)

Related to the commonality in verticals including:
- Finance, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Jurisdictional, etc

NOTE: The duration of this group is expected to be generally short in nature as the group mission is to discover, analyze for gaps and then make a recommendation. The estimated duration of the DG is approximately 6 months (or further as decided by the AMDG voting Participants.)

(3) LEADERSHIP: Proposed DG Chair subject to confirmation by a vote of the DG Participants.


(4) AUDIENCE: Anticipated Participants in this DG.

- Identity Providers
- Relying Parties / Data Recipients

Related KI Groups:
- eGovernment WG
- Identity Assurance WG
- Privacy and Public Policy WG
- Federation Interoperability WG
- Trust Framework Meta-Model WG
- Business Cases for Trusted Federation
- Information Sharing WG
- TelcoID WG
- User Managed Access WG

Related External Groups:
- Research and Education Federation (REFEDS)
- IDABC for Claims

Related works:
- Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM)
- Service Provisioning Mark-up Language (SPML)
- Personal Data Store

(5) COPYRIGHT POLICY: The Organization approved Intellectual Property Rights Policy to cover any copyright material that may be produced as a result of DG 'Participants' posts to the wiki or email archives.

Kantara Initiative IPR Policy<http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/download/attachments/2293776/Kantara+Initiative+IPR+Policies+_V1.0_+2009-04-03.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1239829651000> - Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution

(6) PROPOSERS: Names, email addresses, and any constituent affiliations of at least the minimum set of proposers required to support forming the DG. At least 3 Participants are required to request formation of a DG.

1. Helen Hill, HIMSS
2. <insert>
3. <insert>

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