[WG-IDAssurance] Remote Public Identity Proofing and cross-border Evidence checks

Björn Sjöholm bear at europoint.se
Sun Dec 22 07:48:28 CST 2013


I have a question and comment on Remote Public Identity Proofing.

We are trying to apply the requirements (AL2_ID_RPV#020 Evidence checks, 
specifically) on a scenario where the applicant is a in another country 
or even on another continent. The requirement to inspect and analyse the 
collected records against the issuing authorities/institutions or 
similar databases becomes more or less impossible if the service wants 
to support a lot of/all countries. Access to the database for a 
Government issues ID in any/all countries is difficult task.

For a In-Person Public Identity Proofing, there is no requirement to 
reference check the records for the ID. I realize that that scenario is 
based on a stronger identification, but the requirement to reference the 
records in the remote scenario still does not feel proportional.

Does anyone have any comment on this, or a alternative interpretation?

Björn Sjöholm

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