[WG-IDAssurance] Kantara's Doc Hierarchy schema

Richard G. WILSHER (Zygma CEO) RGW at Zygma.biz
Thu Dec 12 10:21:26 CST 2013

Persuant to a request made during this morning's IAWG call, I am circulating
the attached 'Doc hierarchy' PPT slide set for the ignorance or edification
of all.

This is a very elusive document.  I have distributed it a number of times in
the past, but it always seems to disappear.  Please remember where you put

It may come as a surprise to learn that there is a science behind the
assignation of numbers to IAF documents, and this is explained here.
Specifically, I suggest that you view slide #3 as a 'slide show' - the
animation will reveal all.

The question is, what to do with this document?  Here are what I see as the
immediate choices - you may have other ideas.

1)      Originally, this was intended to be represented on a web page - one
could click on the doc and get details of it plus download it.  Should we do

2)      Leave it as it is, simply as a reminder of the hierarchy (but then,
where is there a record of numbers and titles assigned?)

3)      Update (or use as a basis for a flat tabular listing of a document's
status) to accurately reflect:

a.       Each document we have, whether released or in draft;

b.      The published status of each doc;

c.       The review/draft status of each doc.

3)c. seems to me to be the easiest and most useful, in either this format or
as a table (which might also be more readily supported on a web page).
Whichever solution is adopted (and assuming that it isn't option 4) - do
nothing) then I suggest that the assigned Editor for each doc be tasked to
gather the current status: title, ref#, publish vn, draft vn.
Unfortunately, it appears that I have, principally, just tasked myself.  Oh
well, tis the season of giving.


Suggest this be a discussion topic for one of the next couple of ARB / IAWG
meetings.  Not sure which - the Secretariat should get landed with it but
the IAWG owns the majority of the docs, and this needs to be a solution
which embraces both bodies.

Happy Christmas to all my readers, and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.



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