[KI-LC] Fwd: Register Before Friday, 26th March (Comp. for Gov/HIE, HIX/Payers, Providers), Track Topics, Confirmed Speakers!

Colin Wallis Kantara colin at kantarainitiative.org
Thu Mar 25 12:34:10 UTC 2021

FYI for those groups interested in HealthCare and wish to act fast to
attend as individuals (not vendors) and to cascade down through your groups.

To achieve this complimentary pass, you have to register as if you were
Kantara.. here are Kantara's contact details:

.. and your role might be as a Chair or a participant..whatever..

Thanks in advance for cascading down..


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Subject: Register Before Friday, 26th March (Comp. for Gov/HIE,HIX/Payers,
Providers), Track Topics, Confirmed Speakers!
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*Reimagining Health, and Human Service Delivery for 2021 & Beyond!*

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*Federal Government *(Complimentary, before *Friday, March 26th*)
*State Government *(Complimentary, before *Friday, March 26th*)
*HIE, HIX* (Complimentary, before *Friday, March 26th*)
*Industry *$695

*2021 Virtual **State Healthcare IT Connect Summit *
May 17-21


*Monday, May 17, TRACK1:*
*MES Procurement, Modularity, Outcomes-Based Transformation *

   - An Update from CMS
   - Implementing EVV, Outcomes-Based Transformation
   - Time to Focus on Outcomes
   - The Roadmap Less Travelled: HITECH and Medicaid Projects and Outcomes
   - Virginia’s Modular Implementation of MES
   - TMSIS Analytics
   - RollingBack Waiver Modifications
   - MITA Governance Board Meeting
   - Own the outcomes: Managing Development Efforts in an Iterative World
   - Transitioning the SS-A from Maturity to Outcomes
   - Reassessing and Unwinding: Medicaid Normalcy in the Wake of COVID-19


*Tuesday, May 18, TRACK 2:*
*Interoperability, Data Analytics & Population Health*

   - National Alliance to Impact the Social Determinants of Health (NASDOH)
   and The Gravity Project: Interoperability to Facilitate Social Care and
   impact SDOH
   - Response, Recovery, and Resiliency:  How an Innovative Approach to
   Data and Analytics Drives Health Equity Priorities Across Communities
   - Transforming the Customer Experience in Health and Human Services
   - Using Healthy Data to Fight COVID: State of California Public Health
   - Interoperability (Data Standardization)
   - Interoperability Use Cases Beyond the Mandate
   - Interoperability Does Not Happen Alone
   - Social Determinants - Aligning with the New Administration's Approach
   to Technology
   - Electronic Case Reporting of COVID-19 and Other Diseases to Public
   Health Agencies
   - Public Health in a Post-COVID World: A Roadmap for Essential Public
   Health Services
   - Interoperability implications for States and Payors
   - "Whole Person Data": How Non-Traditional Data Enables Whole Person
   Care & Data Transformation


*Wednesday, May 19,* *TRACK 3:*
*Enterprise Systems, Integrated Service Delivery for HHS *

   - A Better Path to Integrated Eligibility Systems
   - A Unique Partnership - Medicaid and Corrections
   - Discover How Maryland is Using the Cloud to Integrate HHS Delivery
   - Post-Pandemic Resilience for Families through Cross Program Data
   - Innovation At It’s Best: Florida’s Approach to FX Modernization
   - Completing Life Cycles - How Are We Going to Manage?
   - An Enterprise Approach to Integrating Service Delivery and Improving
   - Innovation in Benefit Delivery: Mobile Payments and a Single, Stacked
   Benefit Debit Card
   - Cross-Program Analytics: The Intersection of Population Health and
   Social Services
   - Miracle in Mississippi


*Thursday, May 21,* *TRACK 4:*
*Security, Compliance, Combating Fraud, Waste & Abuse*

   - Technology Driven Approaches to Combat Medicaid Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
   - Proving Trustworthiness in the Provider to Vendor Supply Chain:
   Privacy and Security Compliance Best Practices
   - A Modular Approach to TPL: Critical Factors to Consider
   - Securing Medicaid Data in an Interoperable World
   - Automating income verification and improving program integrity using
   the CMS Data Services Hub


*TRACK** 5: **State Marketplace Reform,* *Managed Care Optimization*

   - How State-Based Marketplaces Set the Stage for Insurance Portability
   - Turning Dreams into Reality:  Standardizing MCO Oversight for TPL
   - Walkthrough Da Vinci Implementation Guides


*Friday, May 21, TRACK 6: *
*Emerging Technologies, Accelerating Innovation in Medicaid*

   - Driving Better Health Outcomes Through Multicultural Text Messaging
   - Pioneering Assistive Technology for HCBS, LTSS!
   - Project Unify Update: Cross-Domain Interoperability for Health Equity
   and Well-being
   - Positive Impacts of COVID 19? How the Pandemic Changed State Operations
   - Reducing Risks in Modularity by Moving to Cloud Procurements
   - The Future of Digital Quality Measurement
   - How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Address Health Disparities and
   Create a Better Health System
   - Predictive Modeling Using HIE Data
   - COVID-19: Digital Transformation Lessons for State Government


*Confirmed Speakers Include*

   - *Ajay Rohatgi, Project Management Consultant, Virginia DMAS*
   - *Alan Fowler, Account Manager, Virginia Provider Services Solution,
   DXC Technology*
   - *Amy Ashida, Innovation Specialist, 18F*
   - *Andrea Danes, Global Human Services Leader, EY, US Government and
   Public Sector*
   - *Angie Bass, Executive Vice President, Velatura HIE Corp.*
   - *Austin Wagenknecht, Director of Health and Human Services Practice
   Area, InterVision *
   - *Brandon Weaver, VP of Data Science, Optum*
   - *Brian D. Handspicker, Technical Lead, Project Unify, National
   Interoperability Collaborative*
   - *Brian Wikle, HIT Client Services Manager, Briljent*
   - *Carrie Gaudio, Health IT Policy Coordinator, Florida Agency for
   Health Care Administration*
   - *Casey Burns, Health and Human Services (HHS) Lead for Amazon Web
   Services (AWS)*
   - *Cheryl Gardner, Former SBM CEO for Arkansas and New Mexico*
   - *Christi Oakley, HHS Director, Salesforce Public Sector*
   - *Clay Farris, Founder, Mostly Medicaid*
   - *Daniel Stein, President, Stewards of Change Institute*
   - *Diane Evenson, VP, Regional General Manager, Optum*
   - *Ed Dolly, Director, Division of State Systems, CMS-CMCS (TBD)*
   - *Evelyn Gallego, Program Manager, EMI Advisors, LLC & Gravity Project*
   - *Gaurav Diwan, Managing Dir. of Human Services, Accenture*
   - *Herb Jordan, III, Enterprise Chief Information Officer , IT, Maryland
   Department of Health*
   - *James Coursey, DHHS CIO, State of South Carolina*
   - *Jared Linder, Chief Information Officer for the State of Indiana’s
   Family, and Socila Services Administration*
   - *Jason McNamara, Strategic Programs Manager, Amazon Web Services*
   - *Jess Kahn, Partner, McKinsey ConsultingDiane Evenson, VP, Regional
   General Manager, Optum*
   - *Jim Kirkwood, Director, Division of Healthcare Innovation, New York
   State Department of Health*
   - *Jim Watkins, Digital Expert, McKinsey & Co.*
   - *Jocelyn Keegan, Senior Health IT Consultant, Point-of-Care Partners*
   - *Joel Hardi, Product Manager, Government, Equifax Inc.*
   - *John Loonsk, Consulting CMIO Association of Public Health
   Laboratories (APHL)*
   - *John Sweeney, Strategy and Business Development, Public Sector
   Practice at WEX Inc.*
   - *Julie Anne Chua, Risk Management Branch Chief, U.S. Department of
   Health and Human Services*
   - *Julisa Mandeville, WWPS SLG Program Manager, Amazon Web Services*
   - *Kati Odom Bell, Program Manager, eHealth Exchange*
   - *Kristin Thorn, Public Sector Health Lead, Accenture*
   - *Kristine I. McCoy is Chair of VNA Health Group’s Children and Family
   Health Institute and Executive Director of the VNA of Central Jersey
   Community Health Center*
   - *Lesley Lueckenotte, MEDES Project Director, Missouri Office of
   - *Lisa Nelson, Value Sets Subject Matter Expert, EMI Advisors, LLC &
   Gravity Project*
   - *Lorrie Scardino, Managing Director, Blue Tack Consulting, and
   Immediate Past Chair, Private Sector Technology Group (PSTG), HHS Industry*
   - *Louis McDermott, Deputy Director, Washington State Health Care
   - *Mark Mahoney, Director of Revenue Management, State of Florida*
   - *Mary Kratz, EVP, Interoperability Institute*
   - *Matt Swatzell, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company*
   - *Michael Magnuson, FX Director, Agency for Health Care Administration,
   - *Michael McCune, Solutions Engineer, eHealth Exchange*
   - *Michael Parisi, Vice President, Assurance Strategy & Community
   Development, HITRUST*
   - *Michael S. Weiner DO MSM MSIST, Chief Medical Officer, Maximus*
   - *Michele Carpenter, SVP Government Services, HMS*
   - *Mike Jin, Chief Information Officer & Chief Information Security
   Officer, CNSI*
   - *Mike Sasko, VP Government Solutions, Softheon*
   - *Noah Wayne, Vice President of Clinical Programs, NextJ Health*
   - *Nora Belcher, Executive Director, Texas e-Health Alliance*
   - *Pam Cross, Regional Director, Public Knowledge*
   - *Pamela Bax, Project Manager, CSG Government Solutions*
   - *Pyreddy Reddy, Chief Information Security Officer, North Carolina
   - *Ramin Kouzehkanani, Chief Information & Innovation Officer,
   Hillsborough County*
   - *Randy Pate, Former Deputy Administrator and Director, Center for
   Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, Centers for Medicare &
   Medicaid Services*
   - *Rick Moore, CIO, NCQA*
   - *Roderick Bremby, Senior Director, Health and Human Services,
   Salesforce, Inc.*
   - *Ryan Howells, Principal, Leavitt Partners // Program Manager, CARIN
   - *Sarah Miller, Expert Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company*
   - *Sean Pearson, CIO, New Mexico Human Services Department*
   - *Sonal Ambegaokar, Executive Director of Policy Innovation, Alluma*
   - *Subramanian Muniasamy, CTO, Maryland Department of Human Services*
   - *Suzanne Crane, Senior Director, Product, Optum*
   - *Tammy Miller, Regional Director, Canopy Children’s Services, MS
   Department of Medicaid.*
   - *Tanju Kuma Patel, Sr. Product Manager, Optum*
   - *Tolian Gjika, Engagement Manager, McKinsey Consulting LLC*
   - *Tracy Feliciani, Managing Director, Accenture*
   - *Trent Farve, Hancock County Youth Court Judge*
   - *Umakanth Pandurangaiah, Acting Director of the Program Management
   Office, Virginia DMAS*

*Attendee Benefits Include: *
*Attend Keynote Presentations (60 mins)*
Keynotes will set the underlying theme for each of the 5 conference days
many of the topics introduced will be referenced throughout the meeting.

*Attend Educational Breakout Presentations (60 Mins)*
Attend breakouts presenting the strategies employed by states as part of
their strategies, to 'Reimagine HHS Service Delivery in 2021 & Beyond', as
stakeholders build out their long-term strategic initiatives for a
post-pandemic environment. Each session will include 15 mins Q&A,
collaborative networking time.

*Attend Collaborative Learning, Networking Roundtables*
*‘States of Implementation’ Collaborative Networking Roundtables (45 mins)*
State representatives will introduce a project, topic. All attendees are
welcome, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to the collaborative
conversation amongst public and private sector participants to inform your
thinking around problem-solving on specific issues.
*‘Meet the Innovators’ Collaborative Networking Roundtables (45 mins)*
Vendor lead collaborative networking sessions, non-vendor attendees will
have the opportunity to learn about industry trends and collaborate with
'state only' attendees on the topic, introduce your state's experience and
benchmark your strategic planning efforts.

*Attend Peer-Peer Focus groups*
Non-vendor attendees can attend virtual peer-peer focus groups (5-8
attendees per group) on a specific topic aligned to your strategic planning

*The 2021 Virtual Exhibit will be 'Gamified'*
Schedule 15 Mins Appointment with Virtual State HIT Connect Exhibitors,
Daily Prizes will be Awarded to Attendees who connect with the most vendors
for each conference day (iWatch, iPad Mini). 3 MacBook Pro laptops (or
equivalent) will be awarded to attendees who attend the most booth appts
across the 5 days.

*Connect with Attendees*
Message with and pre-schedule meetings with vendor, state partners in the
run-up to and during the meeting, video collaboration capabilities are
built into the platform. You can attend pre-event webinar training,
coordination sessions in order to optimize your experience across the 5

*Access to Archive materials*
All registered attendees will have access to ALL Sessions (including
roundtables), and associated presentation, reference materials, in the
weeks after the conference has taken place to access any sessions they
Register Here to Attend the 5 day Virtual State Summit


COVID-19 has highlighted, as never before, the need to address healthcare
disparities for the nation's highest-risk patients often residing in some
of the most underserved communities. At the same time, states have
experienced a pace of change and innovation, often enabled through waiver
applications, and data sharing agreements processed in timeframes
previously thought unimaginable.

The pace of change and innovation is set to continue, with the CMS, and ONC
Interoperability rules laying the foundation, for a more citizen-centric
data ecosystem, and the ability to deliver care in a variety of settings,
across the health and human services continuum.

In an environment of significant state budget shortfalls, guidance to
deliver CMS’ vision for ‘outcomes-based transformation’ will further
provide guard rails for states to procure and deliver technology projects
in a way that delivers on both organizational goals, policy objectives.
States have clearly communicated that they don’t want to back slip to how
things were, they can see the opportunity for embracing interoperability,
harnessing new innovation and vendor partnerships in a way that delivers
outcomes and the opportunity to transform the citizen experience.

*Registration, Add to Calendar!*
Team Today, Add to Calendar!

Email Victoria Smith victorias at healthcareitconnect.com
to receive information on sponsorship opportunities and/or to explore
hosting additional opportunities with State HIT Connect.

*Group Registrations:*
Email Summer Martinez summerm at healthcareitconnect.com to coordinate group
registration options for your organization.
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