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FYI.. I would imagine the LC more broadly might like to be aware of these
considerations - early stages that they are..

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Jim Kragh and I had a lengthy discussion yesterday evening about the role
of our two workgroups.  We decided to dedicate our next call to determining
whether we should recommend consolidating both efforts.

In essence we have been working on the broad issues surrounding identity
assurance in the complex healthcare environment through our workgroup,
where Jim and his group have been more focused in an industry agnostic
approach to making identity assurance easier to implement while maintaining
or strengthening the level of assurance.

Mobile Driver Licenses, smartphone innovations, Consent, and the effect of
more detailed regulations (from ONC and others) are some of the topics that
overlap both our areas of expertise.
Also, there are other coalitions working on similar issues.

Over the next two weeks, we would like our participants to think about the
advantages (or disadvantages) of combining our efforts and reconvene at the
usual reserved time for the call, namely January 21 at 2 PM ET. I will send
out the draft agenda around January 20th.

In the interim, plese feel free to send us your thoughts and help keep our
groups productive and relevant.

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