[KI-LC] [BoD] InConfidence: An approach from Women in Identity

Allan Foster allan.foster at forgerock.com
Thu Feb 6 15:33:22 UTC 2020

We have a history of doing this -- IRM.

I think it would be a very good move to put Kantara into the fore of 
this,  and to put high visibility on kantara


> Colin Wallis Kantara <mailto:colin at kantarainitiative.org>
> February 6, 2020 at 6:54 AM
> Folks
> Just a heads up and as always welcoming your views, support or otherwise.
> Emma Lindley from WiID reached out regarding an emerging idea they 
> have around unconscious bias in the (IT/identity) workplace.  This 
> topic has been trending recently.
> Anyway the idea is to create a Code of Practice or similar expanding 
> into a kind of Framework within which it might fit, and possibly 
> ultimately a standard once there is implementation experience and 
> sufficient structure to develop Assessment Criteria for.
> WiID is looking for potential places where this could be hosted ... 
> Kantara is circling around the top of that list.
> They have some unconfirmed sponsorship interest from a large FS 
> organization and are seeking more from the Foundations we know/know 
> of, so it's not as if we would be doing this all on our own dime.
> The thought is a WG (given a CoP is the near-term target) as a main 
> reference group with perhaps some kind of small editing group doing 
> the heavy lifting.
> Timing seems to indicate an April start.
> That suggests developing Charters, getting LC approval, building the 
> Wiki etc in March ...
> LC, what do you think?
> Separate from this Andi and I were on a different call this morning 
> with our new liaison partners, UK based ADPP, around the potential to 
> use Kantara's community group infrastructure to develop some kind of 
> privacy software assessment and conformance. More to come there.
> 2 approaches for WGs from externals in one morning - whew!..
> Kind regards
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