[KI-LC] InConfidence: An approach from Women in Identity

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Just a heads up and as always welcoming your views, support or otherwise.

Emma Lindley from WiID reached out regarding an emerging idea they have
around unconscious bias in the (IT/identity) workplace.  This topic has
been trending recently.

Anyway the idea is to create a Code of Practice or similar expanding into a
kind of Framework within which it might fit, and possibly ultimately a
standard once there is implementation experience and sufficient structure
to develop Assessment Criteria for.

WiID is looking for potential places where this could be hosted ... Kantara
is circling around the top of that list.

They have some unconfirmed sponsorship interest from a large FS
organization and are seeking more from the Foundations we know/know of, so
it's not as if we would be doing this all on our own dime.

The thought is a WG (given a CoP is the near-term target) as a main
reference group with perhaps some kind of small editing group doing the
heavy lifting.

Timing seems to indicate an April start.
That suggests developing Charters, getting LC approval, building the Wiki
etc in March ...
LC, what do you think?

Separate from this Andi and I were on a different call this morning with
our new liaison partners, UK based ADPP, around the potential to use
Kantara's community group infrastructure to develop some kind of privacy
software assessment and conformance. More to come there.

2 approaches for WGs from externals in one morning - whew!..

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