[KI-LC] Some further insight into joining mailing lists without signing the GPA

Colin Wallis Kantara colin at kantarainitiative.org
Thu Apr 30 15:31:42 UTC 2020


I brought this up with Staff earlier this week but forgot to mention it on
the LC Leads call.

I did some further digging in on this in response to the obvious effort the
ISI-WG projects are putting into the IPR reminder at the beginning of their
meetings, given that folks show up quite often that have not acknowledged
the GPA, which not only acknowledges the IPR option, but also enables Staff
to add them to the mailing list and participant roster.

It turns out that when this was allowed many moons ago, some kind of manual
reconciliation was done between the GPA signers/Participant roster and the
mailing list. And those who did not show up on the GPA/Participant Roster
were flagged for read-only on the mailing list - no posting... So in effect
they could not contribute - primarily for their IPR protection but also
down the track for Kantara, if that contribution got inadvertently consumed
in a Kantara spec or externally somewhere.

Staff are not doing that labor and time intensive effort today because we
have many many people across our groups, and it's not really cost effective.

I wanted to share this because 'a problem shared' and all that..

Anyway.. FWIW on the history..

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