[KI-LC] Inching forward with mDL

Colin Wallis Kantara colin at kantarainitiative.org
Tue Apr 28 10:14:02 UTC 2020


In advance of the LC leads call later today, I want to move the mDL
discussion forward in some way, otherwise we will lose momentum on it.

We are gathering external links to information in the informal email thread
we have running, which may help inform us on the WG charter we are trying
to draft, but the informal email thread is not scalable.

The lightest touch we could do is a wiki space only, so in the informal
email threads we can point to that URL where we store info.  That still
leaves us with the non scalability of the informal email thread.

The next lightest touch is to open a dedicated email list and ask people to
join that as well as use the wiki space.

But at that point we have everything a DG would have except an IPR regime
and some leadership.

But we may scare some folks away if we stand up a DG.. I can foresee AAMVA
and the DHS, not committing to any IPR.

So I'm thinking that we formalize only to the point of a listserv and wiki
space in the near term, but not push for the fomalization that DG/WG
entails at least for the few months.

Thoughts everyone?

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