[KI-LC] Help needed on preso on 'Stds for Privacy and Identity in the COVID-19 era'

Colin Wallis Kantara colin at kantarainitiative.org
Thu Apr 23 14:48:33 UTC 2020


Just a quick heads up that Terrapin/Science Media Partners (the folks that
put on Connect ID in DC, Identity Week in London and Singapore) have asked
that I do a short 20 mins or so webinar vaguely around the above topic.

We can tweak the title and a description to get it to say what we would
like it to say (to Kantara's advantage naturally)... but we have only a
couple of days to do it before they announce it early next week.

All and any thoughts welcome on the title, description and content please.

I will be calling out member orgs and individuals doing work in this area..
as well as liaisons and affiliates..

Many thanks in advance with whatever comes to mind..;-).
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