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Herewith FYI and dissemination if/as you see fit.

Our engagement with this effort encountered difficulties from the outset,
and I won't bore you with all the background.

But the nub of it is that in the very late stages of the project were
approached directly, specifically to add weight to attributes and related
standards section "The point of sending you this document was to try to
engage on a part of the project that we felt needed wider participation
than being limited to OIX membership" is a piece of quoted text from an
email if that helps..;-).

I approached the most active of our member contributors to our previous
Attributes work. Joanne Knight from the NZ Gov and Ken Klingenstein agreed
to help. Their comments and mine are incorporated here. Other references to
Kantara arise from the editor Steve Pannifer, Consult Hyperion. Kantara is
mentioned on around pages 30,31,37,38, 48 from memory.

They never got, and still don't really get, that we are not OIX members, so
you'll have to look past the apparent association there by the Scots in the
doc itself.


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Subject: DIS Alpha - OIX whitepaper published

Hi Everyone

DIS are very pleased to announce that our alpha whitepaper, in conjunction
with OIX, was published this week, with the final version now publicly
available on the OIX website.  We announced this on our blog earlier in the
week, but for anyone who may have missed it, link here -
(link to whitepaper included).

Many thanks again for supporting us in getting to this stage.

Kind Regards


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