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Colin Wallis colin at kantarainitiative.org
Fri Nov 17 16:31:55 UTC 2017

Greetings folks

An early heads up on this.

Andi sent me this early, but it's only today that I've tracked back through
my unreads to find it.
I think it goes official today.

Submissions due January 12!

So let's huddle and see what presentations and panels we can garner.

As for the pre-conference workshop, Andi is running a new format.

Learning from this year's conference, the new plan is to have a 2 tier
Industry Partner program for Exhibitors.

(So again I'm going to ask you to get this under your hat till it's
official - and it may change!).

You'll see from the draft options below, that the pre-conference workshop
is now bound into the Premium partner offer.

Kantara would have to seek sponsors to afford this.  We may choose to do
that (please roll up with your offer!) but certainly for me at least, I
have priorities elsewhere right now.

The Standard partner offer looks pretty much as it was last year.  Cirrus
Identity and Gluu took advantage of that, and if I recall correctly, they
considered it good value for money.  It would be great to have more of our
members take advantage of it this year.

I am making this point because, as we consider Submissions, we cannot rely
on the pre-conference workshop. We have to strut our stuff in the main

So, back to the goal of this email... thinking about submissions for


*Industry Partner Program - 2018*


*Standard Offer - Free*

●       $500 off full price for Summit registrations for members (Register
by 30 April 2018)

●       Membership designation (or ribbon) on badge

●       One meeting room- pre-conference board meeting (max 2 hours, for up
to 10 people, food and beverage additional cost, subject to availability,
first come first serve)

●       Dedicated area within the main exhibit hall (assuming takeup of at
least 50% of the space) for member organisations

○       6 tables available $1000 per table

■       Included: 6’ table with black table drape

■       Electricity, furniture and a/v responsibility of sponsor

○       (additional space on request subject to availability)

○       Ideal for startups and smaller companies to promote their work and
raise awareness with key players and prospects in the digital identity

●       20% discount on Exhibitor or Silver sponsorship for member

○       Subject to availability;

○       For bookings not later than 19 January

○       For full details, see the Sponsor Prospectus (provided separately)

●       Billing as ‘Industry Sponsor’ on signage onsite, mobile app and
Identiverse website

*Premium Offer - $25K*

As above, plus

●       1-hour pre-conference workshop space

○       *Upgrade* to 3 hour pre-conference workshop: *$15K*

●       Billing as “Premier Industry Sponsor”

●       10x10 booth

○       *Upgrade* to 10x20: *$10K*

●       5 x 100% Discount Passes (value $8,475)

●       5 x 50% Discount Passes (value $4,238)

●       3 booth staff (exhibit hall only) passes (value $1,695)

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Date: Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 11:46 AM
Subject: Submit your speaking proposal for Identiverse 2018!
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Dear Colin,

I'm delighted to invite you to submit a proposal to speak at Identiverse

In case you missed the news: Cloud Identity Summit has evolved!  Our new
name is Identiverse - but you can still expect the same world-class event,
including our high-quality vendor-neutral agenda and content.  I hope
you'll consider being a part of it!

The deadline for submissions is Fri January 12, 2018.

To find out more, or to submit an abstract, click on the project link below.
Identiverse 2018

The content committee and I look forward to reviewing your proposal!

Best regards,

Andrew Hindle
​Content Chair
ahindle at identiverse.com

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