[KI-LC] Ballot to certify Group-Approved Recommendations as ready to move to All Member Ballot

Megan Cannon megan at kantarainitiative.org
Fri Nov 17 14:25:48 UTC 2017

Dear Kantara Initiative Work Group Chairs,


This email initiates a Leadership Council eBallot to certify the
Group-Approved Recommendations below to proceed to an All Member Ballot for
approval as Kantara Initiative Recommendations.


Motion: To certify the Group-Approved Draft Recommendations "User-Managed
Access (UMA) 2.0 Grant for OAuth 2.0 Authorization 2017-11-16" and
"Federated Authorization for User-Managed Access (UMA) 2.0 2017-11-16" as
meeting the Kantara Initiative document publication requirements and are
ready for All Member Ballot to approve as Kantara Initiative


Please reply to this email:


I am casting my ballot on behalf of the WG: ____

[  ] YES

[  ] NO with optional comment:

[  ] ABSTAIN with optional comment:


Document 1: User-Managed Access (UMA) 2.0 Grant for OAuth 2.0 Authorization
(revision 09)
Document 2: Federated Authorization for User-Managed Access (UMA) 2.0
(revision 09)
Version: 2.0 
Document Date: 2017-11-16

Document URLs: User-Managed Access (UMA) 2.0 Grant for OAuth 2.0
<https://docs.kantarainitiative.org/uma/wg/oauth-uma-grant-2.0-09.html>  and
Federated Authorization for User-Managed Access (UMA) 2.0

To see a summary of comments and changes made related to the public comment
periods, see this Disposition of Comments document
f+Comments> .


Document wiki page:

WG Charter: https://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/uma/Charter 


Ballot opens: 2017-11-17

Ballot closes: 2017-11-24


Voting Rules: A simple majority of voting members of the LC is required


Ballot Information:

Article 6 of the Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures v2 require the
Leadership Council to certify that the Group-approved Recommendation has met
the following document publication requirements:

*         The document is within the scope of the WG Charter

*         The required 45-day Public Review and Comment period has occurred

*         Comments received have been reviewed by the WG, a disposition made
and logged, the document draft updated accordingly

*         The WG adopts a motion to submit the Group-Approved Draft
Recommendation to LC for certification for All Member Ballot


Eligible Voters as of 2017-03-17:

eGov WG
Federation Interoperability WG
Identity Assurance WG
Identity Relationship Management WG
Open Trust Taxonomy for OAuth2 WG
User-Managed Access WG
User-Managed Access Dev WG
Consent & Information Sharing WG



Megan Cannon  |  Program Manager | Kantara

D: +1.781.876.6287  |  M: +1.781.258.5523 

 <mailto:megan at kantarainitiative.org> megan at kantarainitiative.org

 <http://www.kantarainitiative.org/> kantarainitiative.org 

401 Edgewater Place, Suite 600, Wakefield, MA, 01880 USA


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