[KI-LC] Request for web or Survey Monkey pledge-type page to solicit interest in a blockchain-related WG

Colin Wallis colin at kantarainitiative.org
Mon Nov 6 20:06:42 UTC 2017

Thanks Eve,

Let me jump in and clarify.
By 'support' I mean that I want to make sure that the LC knows what the
idea is, and that the LC supports it (or not).

Forming a WG is a LC responsibility - slam dunk - so y'all need to know
what plans are being hatched, think about how it plays into plans for your
own WG or DG, and have the opportunity to comment.


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On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 7:40 PM, Eve Maler <eve.maler at forgerock.com> wrote:

> Thomas and I have been helping Bob Olsen with his press release announcing
> the availability of the Blockchain and Smart Contracts Discussion Group
> Report, and soliciting interest in a follow-on WG, as the DG recommended
> forming. Since we can't direct people to an already-forming WG, I suggested
> gathering feedback and interest in survey form. Colin said creation of such
> a thing should be supported by the LC. I'm guessing "supported" means
> materially, with resources? -- or managed? Is my assumption correct? Would
> KI staff jump in with this?
> Right now such a page is on the critical path to publication of the
> release.
> Here are some elements I thought would ideally be present in a survey:
>    - Name
>    - Affiliation (optional?)
>    - Proposal for scope of the WG (it would be a good idea to show them
>    what the scope of the DG was, for comparison)
>    - Proposal for deliverable(s) of the WG
>    - Expressions of interest to serve in a leadership role
>    - Maybe a free-comment field for other stuff?
> By the way, I put Thomas in touch with some others who are concretely
> interested in such a group, and they've been discussing the topic off and
> on...
> Thanks in advance!
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