[KI-LC] GDPR and Kantara approach question

Andrew Hughes andrewhughes3000 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 15:09:45 CST 2017

Hi LC and (some) Board of Directors...

I've been wrestling with how Kantara would best serve the community with
respect to GDPR.

Many of the WGs have work products and knowledge that is relevant to GDPR
topics. But whenever I try to think about what it would mean to ask for
GDPR-specific work inside any particular WG I hit mental roadblocks.

So, how does this different approach sound to you all:

Start a WG whose goal is to build a 'Kantara GDPR Toolkit' comprised of
guidance, profiles of selected standards, pointers to useful analysis
reports (inside and outside of Kantara), and other technical or
recommendation stuff.

It would help ease the tension between addressing the near term demands to
'do something' for GDPR and help to harness the bits and pieces of work
inside and near Kantara. It would possibly avoid distracting the WGs from
their main work products that are for the longer term.

Looking for opinions and alternative views on this please



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