[KI-LC] PDEC's Committees/Kantara WG cross members?

Colin Wallis colin at kantarainitiative.org
Thu Feb 9 11:23:16 CST 2017


PDEC is having similar issues to ours, in getting decent levels of
participation in group events and are asking if we can promote theirs to
see if Kantara folks would be interested.

I explained to Dean that that should not be at the expense of losing
attendance in Kantara calls and work, which he understood. But we agreed
that if or where there was common ground.. that is.. both orgs were doing
similar work, having someone sitting on both groups could help towards a
more harmonized outcome.

Here are the 3 Committees in the attached file. The Glossary one struck me
as a potential, given the discussion in both IRM and CIS WGs on harmonizing
a Glossary across Kantara Groups.


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