[KI-LC] Restarting the Public Policy and Privacy WG

Andrew Hughes andrewhughes3000 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 13:31:30 CST 2017

Hi everyone - we have had several inquiries and discussions about
restarting the P3WG due to the large number of regulatory changes that are
coming into effect worldwide.

I think we need to shift the purpose of the new version of the WG.

The previous incarnation listed anticipated outcomes for developing:
Privacy Management Framework, as a preparatory step towards; Privacy
Assurance Framework.

Which is interesting, but not really what's needed most today.

Kantara and the communities we convene need recommendations and reports
about how public policy could be made to support the new innovations we are
developing. Kantara communities would also benefit from guidance about how
existing public policy and regulations impact our work.

OF COURSE, THIS IS JUST MY OPINION!  (which certainly needs correction)

So - who's in?

I'd like one or two people to help draft a new charter (Purpose, Scope,
Outputs/Project List).

If you know of someone who is not active at Kantara but would be a good
leader in this domain please reach out to them to join the discussion.

>From the charter of the archived group:

*(2) PURPOSE:*

Privacy, and the policy decisions which affect it, are increasingly a core
theme of digital identity-related work. This Work Group is intended to
ensure that the Kantara Initiative ("Kantara") contributes to better
privacy outcomes for users, data custodians and other stakeholders, by
defining privacy-related principles and good practice applicable to a broad
range of prevalent technology platforms.


   - Become an active convening authority for privacy and public policy
   work - including productive engagement with the CPO, policymaker,
   regulatory and adoption communities.
   - Liaise and work with other Kantara groups to represent the privacy and
   public policy perspective, and to serve as an ongoing point of reference
   for privacy/policy-related questions.
   - Lead work to define and develop Privacy Management and Privacy
   Assurance deliverables which complement Kantara's initiatives in Identity
   Assurance and Identity Governance.
   - Liaise and work with projects and organisations outside Kantara to
   further the same objectives.

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