[KI-LC] In Confidence: Reaching out for your contacts and relationships in PKI Infrastructure orgs

Colin Wallis colin at kantarainitiative.org
Wed Sep 21 17:09:35 CDT 2016


I am hoping some of you might be able to help out Steve Wilson/Lockstep.

You'll recall that Steve was the first performer in Kantara KIPI (was
CCICADA) R&D Program.  He presented the project on an LC call back in

That project (Mobile Device Attribute Verification, designed for use in
First Responder situations, Air Marshall boarding a plane situations and
many others) is nearing the end of Phase 1 (viability) and about to go to
Phase 2 (we hope).

A major component of that is an unusual configuration of the 'PKI tree' and
how the CA's chain together and cascade. Steve has designed the
architecture and it has had positive reviews, and he's done a Certificate
Policy for it too. What he really wants to do, to fully 'belt and braces'
the Viability piece (or maybe early in the next Phase 2 (Execution) is to
do a Proof of Concept. He has approached several PKI infrastructure
providers and Certificate Management Systems folks, but for one reason or
another, interest has not turned into a commitment to agree to use their
gear for Steve to do his PoC on.  Of course he was hoping they might be so
blown away with the idea that they might hang around to be customers or
investors or partners in Phase 2 and Phase 3 (Transition to

Now he could do this using Open Source (RedHat etc).. would take some time,
effort $ to set up....and he will if he has no other option.  But his
preference is to test it on infrastructure that already exists and ideally
'certified' in a Federal US sense..:-).

So the ask is, do you know anyone in such a company that your could connect
Steve with, to see what can be done?

To take it further would need an NDA of course..

Whatever you can come up with would be much appreciated.

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