[KI-LC] Draft Agenda for the Upcoming F2F Board of Directors Meeting

Ken Dagg kendaggtbs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 17:54:41 CST 2016


Follows the draft agenda for the upcoming F2F Board of Directors meeting.
Does anyone have anything that they believe should be added? If you do
please reply-all respond and Colin can suggest it to the Board.

Draft Agenda

President's Report and Outlook

Treasurer's Report and Outlook
(This includes a Resolution to instruct ISTO to transfer funds it holds on
KI's behalf to Virtual, on confirmation that KI has submitted its 1024 for
non profit status) and the need for Secretary and deeper finance

ARB Report and Outlook

LC Report and Outlook

Virtual Operations Report andOutlook

CCICADA Program Report and Outlook (DHS/Rutgers/Kantara R&D funding)

Strategy Session: Kantara Value Proposition; 'Is Kantara an SDO?', Should
Kantara set up in the UK/EU?, etc etc

Events & Workshops/Marketing/PR Report and Outlook (incl budget and


Outstanding LC funds request: UMA Dev test harness. $60K (incl. matching
funds) - Eve and Lasse

Kenneth Dagg
Independent Consultant
Identification and Authentication
kendaggtbs at gmail.com
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