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Thanks Ingo.


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Hi All,


This is the report for the IDoT-DG:


1. What is the hot topic in your WG or DG this week/month?


Currently we are working on IEEE P2413 Identity & Privacy architecture view

2. What events are members of your group planning to attend in the next
quarter where talking about Kantara might make an impact?

Next IEEE P2413 meeting 11th  to 14th  April / IEC munich 9th to 11th May

3. What deliverables is your group focusing on next out of your group's

See 1)

4. What do you really want to get people excited about to encourage
participation in your area?

Hands on privacy best practice paper for IoT (this has strong relations to

5. Any other comments you would like to raise for LC attention?




Best Ingo


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Viele Grüße / Best Regards
Ingo Friese


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