[KI-LC] Draft DG Charter for Kantara Events

Ken Dagg kendaggtbs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 06:05:32 CST 2016


I would suggest that the name of the DG be *Kantara Events (KEDG)*.While
most of the events will be industry sponsored events there will be some non
industry events that this DG could be involved in planning.

I liked the inclusion of out-reach and industry engagement in addition to
the participation angle. However, I do not find that there is a real
statement of what the DG will be doing. How about the following:

This DG conducts, as part of Kantara’s out-reach and industry engagement
strategy, the customized planning and collaboration required to harmonize
Kantara's participation with the theme and jurisdiction of a conference,
workshop and similar events being conducted anywhere in the world. This DG
will provide a focal point where events can be discussed and planned and
will store any artefacts produced by and on behalf of its member
contributors both for future use and historical memory.

My two cents,


On Wednesday, 17 February 2016, Colin Wallis <colin_wallis at hotmail.com>

> Folks
> Per the last 2 LC calls, I took the action to have a first try at this.
> I wanted to try and get it to you in time for the LC planning call coming
> up today.
> Edits with comments most welcome! Comments without edits only if you
> must.. :-).
> Can we target the end of the week for feedback please, so any tidy up can
> be done and a final draft circulated in advcance of the LC call next week.
> Many thanks
> Cheers
> Colin

Kenneth Dagg
Independent Consultant
Identification and Authentication
kendaggtbs at gmail.com
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