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Just a thought around NPOTL   Do we have any sponsors yet?


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On 2/14/16 7:48 PM, Colin Wallis wrote:
> Right folks
> I'll skip past the <<RSA: Board meeting + "Non-profits on the Loose"
> social + (possibly) speakers>> until we have NPOL confirmed with some
> final details, and Jane may well have planned to publish this anyway,
> in her remaining hours, so let's wait for her to comment. I agree that
> we can publish the fact that we are holding a Board meeting, but I'm
> less confident we can issue any sort of open invitation, due to the
> logistics contstraints we are working under. We can ask for agenda
> topics and context for those to be emailed to
> staff at kantarainitiative.org and we can undertake reasonable endeavours
> to have them added.  
> I guess the title of the RSA items would be something like 'RSA Week
> February 29 through March 4, Moscone Center, San Francisco - see you
> there!'.. and add the NPOL for Tuesday, the Kantara Board meeting
> Thursday, and links to the agenda for Eve's and Mike's presos..anyone
> else?
> EIC: workshop May 10-13,* *Dolce Ballhaus Forum Unterschleissheim,
> Munich/Germany
> 'Come and join Kantara's pre-conference workshop and get the inside
> track on Kantara member speakers later in the week. 
> (copying in Ian and Nat to see if they are available to join Ingo,
> Mike, Mark L and me for the workshop)
> The link is here: https://www.id-conf.com/events/eic2016-kantara
> We still need to publish an agenda for this, and the tagline that
> closing comments will be given by Andrea
> Servida https://www.id-conf.com/events/eic2016/speakers/1292
> We could showcase current speakers + panelists as we know them..
> Ian and Eve here: https://www.id-conf.com/sessions/1759 on Tuesday 11th, 
> Ian and Nat  here: https://www.id-conf.com/sessions/1798 on Thursday 12th
> - CIS: workshop + speakers + panelists
> Wait till we have links.
> - IIW: UMA sessions, OTTO sessions, MVCS/CIS sessions
> More to do.. more to do..
> Cheers
> Colin
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