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Fair point Andrew.
Jane was managing the HIMSS from 'go to wo' from our perspective, but in addition was also helping Joni with the PR load right across the org - media releases, website notices etc etc.That's why the HIMSS one is fully fleshed out on the events page.
As you know I have been bringing together folks on IEC and CIS in the 'interregnum'.
At the same time, Kantara has been directed to begin tapering off Jane's time on Kantara as we head into the final month with ISTO, prior to the cutover to Virtual. We are actively looking for a resource to replace and what   

So moving past the reasons for why we are where we are, to what can we do about it.Personally, I don't yet have access to the front pages of the site (a good thing in my view, knowing my capabilities in Confluence.. :-)), but of course Oliver (and Jane) and perhaps others on staff do/does.
I'll draft some content to go on there and pass around for comment, before getting it to Oliver to publish.
Thanks again for keeping on it.
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Subject: KantaraInitiative.org events list is missing events
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Hi all - I was just browsing the KI public site and noticed that the only "upcoming event" listed is HIMSS 2016.
Could you all take the opportunity to ask your WGs for upcoming events related to Kantara?
for example, I know that the following are happening (I don't have details):
- EIC: workshop + speakers + panelists- CIS: workshop + speakers + panelists- RSA: Board meeting + "Non-profits on the Loose" social + (possibly) speakers- IIW: UMA sessions, OTTO sessions, MVCS/CIS sessions
If there's an upcoming event where Kantara is sponsoring, presenting, or a speaker claims affiliation with Kantara, it should be on the events list.
Anything happening with the Forgerock conference?CA events?Experian events?I know we where there in past years

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