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OK then, so I'll put my hand up to 'operationalize' ..agree its not a great word, but it was intended to demonstrate that Kantara 'does' something... strategic vision is not enough if it is not put into practice.I mean, that's what we do on the Trust Services side of the house right? We put into operation (practice, service) , the strategic vision that results from the WG/DG.  I don't think optimize nor propagate work.. propagating a strategic vision?.. big deal...who cares? ..it's what you do with it that counts for something and takes the industry forward. 

For this..maybe "How can businesses add value and reach markets in the digital economy?"... I don't have the final wording but 'Standardize Trust; Verify Execution' is the right kind of answer
Would you replace one of the existing questions with this one? To keep it tight?
I'll respond to Ken's when I have a sec.
Thanks folks. Much appreciated. Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2016 08:00:41 -0700
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Hi everyone - nice start!
A few items:- I know it's probably bad design practice, but I'd like to see subtle page numbers somewhere on the slides. The deck will sometimes be used in "voice-only" calls.- Does it make sense to have the 'questions' on pp6-8 in a different text style?- A missing question: How can businesses provide value and reach markets {something, something}- Don't take this the wrong way... but the Answer is *not* Strategic Vision. :)  - could it be:Innovate, Standardize, Deliver- Collaborate; Standardize; Propagate ;-)- Standardize Trust; Verify Execution- We have got to find a word other than Operationalize!- Slide 10 "Optimized"- Slide 16 "Propagate" (maybe?)

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Here it is folks..You can see how the text that you worked on for the flyer has been applied to slides.
The idea was to use this as a boilerplate and add, delete, modify slides as required.We'll store them on the wiki in due course.Comments welcome.CheersColin 		 	   		  


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