[KI-LC] Kantara CIS - Project Proposal

Mark Lizar mark at smartspecies.com
Mon Nov 30 07:11:44 CST 2015

Greetings LC,

In the last week in the CIS-WG was apart of the MIT Media Labs Future Commerce Hackathon & Unconference, and we have developed a a project for a Privacy Day (Jan 28) campaign called - I Don’t Agree.

The aim of the I Don’t Agree campaign is to put the CIS work to good use in a pilot that uses both the MVCR:Consent Receipt and also experiments with asserting consent preference and user submitted terms.  The project is designed to be social and capture a lot of data about how people and organisations would like to interact and communicate around policy.

So far, the project includes a Presentation <https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1a7rVNFULxttnf8xlZKHYKlZw88XuNurqQZCDD50g4bo/edit?usp=sharing> made at the hackathon and a mock up a landing page called http://www.idontagree.org <http://www.idontagree.org/home.html>.

The project has the support of Sandy Pentland’s and Dazza from MIT Media labs and the response from the European Commission has been very positive.

As this is not the typical standard or trust focused project in Kantara I would like to ask the LC for advice.

Is this something that the LC would support the CIS-WG in pursuing ? and if so, is this something that would be eligible for Kantara funding or a Kantara Pilot? Should the board of Trustees be approached to provide funding, or even a match funding pledge?

There is definite interest from the Personal Data & Trust Network in the UK to Participate in a pilot as well, there is a tremendous opportunity to develop a pilot scheme authority for consent, which I believe to be the biggest opportunity in this space.

The project is being led by myself through the newly created Open Consent Group in the UK, which is being designed for creating trust infrastructure that people can use, as well as companies.

As this project is new territory for trust, compliance and identity, it would be great to get feedback from the LC on how Kantara might be involved in the CIS driven effort.

Please Advise, and if possible provide a way to pledge support so that we can kick off the start of this project.

Kind Regards,

Mark Lizar

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