[KI-LC] UMA WG quarterly report for Q2 2015

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Wed Jul 15 15:57:57 CDT 2015

1. What is the hot topic in your WG or DG this week/month?

The group is taking up interop testing, business and legal aspects vs. purely technical aspects of UMA usage, and consideration of post-V1.0 backlog issues.

2. What events are members of your group planning to attend in the next quarter where talking about Kantara might make an impact?

There are currently no events on the Q3 horizon. (IIW is in Q4.)

3. What deliverables is your group focusing on next out of your group's charter?

Now that budget has been approved for partial support of test suite development, in Q3 we plan to develop a some “Platonic ideal” tests that reflect our design priorities before instructing the test suite developer go full bore. We also anticipate revising the draft “Binding Obligations” specification or providing other relevant guidance. We additionally will add to the UMA Implementer’s Guide, an auxiliary deliverable. Finally, we will likely produce a set of recommended specification revisions and a way forward on contribute Independent Submissions to IETF.

4. What do you really want to get people excited about to encourage participation in your area?

Lots of activity around implementations and POCs, with attendant real-world feedback; profiling for patient-centric health data sharing in the OpenID Foundation’s HEART Working Group; feeding the worldwide UMA ecosystem with the help of the new companion UMA Dev WG; and a robust conversation around the business and legal implications of UMA-style consent, with implications for (and from) consent receipts.

5. Any other comments you would like to raise for LC attention?


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