[KI-LC] Roll Call - Cloud Identity Summit

Joni Brennan joni at ieee-isto.org
Wed May 29 12:57:57 CDT 2013

Dear Trustees and LC,

Please advise in this thread if you plan to attend Cloud Identity Summit.

Unfortunately we are unable to secure a Kantara workshop for CIS this
year.  However, we may be able to submit speakers.  (I will have
confirmation tomorrow) We may also secure a room for a Kantara Meeting

That said:
Which Trustees and LC Reps plan to attend?
Is there interest in securing an ad-hoc meeting space for Kantara (if we
have enough present)? (CIS may be able to provide one)

FYI - I have not booked for the event due to high ticket price (budget) and
it's unclear if my attendance will be necessary.  Kantara may be just as
well represented via the Trustee, LC and Members.

Thank you in advance,
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