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Please can we add 
- High Assurance PKI Federation outside USA/FICAM
- European/UK situation
- Non-Person Entities - Device, Organisation and Software.  Implications of new ID standards and the need for certification/assurance against them.
- Geo-authentication and trusted location services - UPRN (Unique Property Reference No) and LEI (Legal Entity Identifier).  LEI is mandated by the G20 for the finance sector.

Also, please could someone provide or forward a NSTIC status report, if there is one.  

I have just joined the IDESG International Coord WG and have asked a bunch of questions, which I share in case anyone else is interested:
"I am very interested to understand:
The scope, objectives and tasks given to the WG by NSTIC and FICAM
The context within which the WG needs to operate from the national, international, policy, technical etc perspectives
The primary collaborative groups of non-government stakeholders and their involvement
Which organisations are contributing to the NSTIC effort and this particular WG, and who needs to contribute but aren't yet.
Where coordination is required with other collaborative bodies, particularly on standards, to ensure interoperability, re-use and compliance.  
The overall NSTIC roadmap and the contribution of this WG to that roadmap, particularly for any deliverables or dependencies
How this group coordinates with FICAM's international liaison mandate, which may or may not include NSA Trusted Computing Programme and I5.  
How this group coordinates with other key bodies, including US regulators, particularly for the financial sector and maybe for the telco, assuming that the NSTIC requires to reuse consumer credentials.  NACHA is another.
Pulling these together, we need to be able to answer the following within the context of NSTIC's answers to the same questions:
What are we doing and delivering?
How we are going to do that?
Who is involved internally and externally?
When we expect to deliver?
Finally, we should be very clear on the business case(s) and use cases for NSTIC as these provide the necessary focus for dealing with international policy, regulatory and legal asymmetries.  Otherwise we end up trying to boil the ocean."




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On 12 Sep 2012, at 23:26, Heather Flanagan <heather at kantarainitiative.org> wrote:

Hi all -

From today's meeting, I caught the following discussion topics for next week's strategy call.  Note we will NOT be doing an Executive Director report, a review of action items, WG reports, etc.  This is purely discussion on topics relevant to the future of the Kantara Initiative and how Kantara responds to changes in the Trust and Identity initiatives space(s).


Roll Call
Consumer Identity in the context of AntiFraud
Trust Framework Subcommittee

Are there other topics that should go on the agenda?  Any reading material you would point people to for you proposed agenda topic?
A formal agenda will of course go out prior to the call (same time, same number).

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