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Bob Pinheiro kantara at bobpinheiro.com
Wed Sep 12 21:16:16 EDT 2012

About the consumer identity discussion for the next call:

My view is that the KI Consumer Identity WG should probably  be shut 
down, since it has been inactive for the past year, and I don't envision 
any activity in the future.  The original goal of the WG was to focus on 
prevention of consumer identity theft, as a sort of continuation of the 
Liberty Alliance Identity Theft Prevention SIG.  However, identity theft 
/ fraud  is a hard nut to crack, and only part of the problem is 
technical.  So it's not too surprising that the WG did not achieve 
much.  A lot of the identity theft problem involves poor security 
practices on the part of service providers, as well as usability, costs, 
and adoption of strong authentication methods for consumers.  So it's 
not clear that Kantara, with its focus on technical interoperability 
certification and identity assurance accreditation, is the right forum 
to address these problems.

If others think there are consumer-oriented topics that Kantara should 
address, let's discuss on the next call.  If so, it might be preferable 
to fold such activities into existing WGs or DGs.

That said, I do believe that there are capabilities that an identity 
ecosystem should support that could help to reduce identity theft / 
fraud.  I've written a position paper on the topic, and you can find it 
here: http://bobpinheiro.com/docs/NSTIC_and_IDTheft.pdf     Note that 
these are my own opinions and I'm NOT proposing that Kantara should 
adopt them.  I'd be happy to receive comments on this paper from anyone, 
to help me recognize where I might have gone astray.  However, if we 
(especially in the US) are ever going to be able to do high assurance 
online identity verification of consumers for certain types of high 
value transactions, and move beyond reliance on weak authentication 
methods such as passwords, cookies, and self-selected challenge 
questions for consumers, I think that the NSTIC Steering Group is the 
place to propose solutions.  So that's what I'm going to try to do.


Bob Pinheiro
Chair, Consumer Identity WG
kantara at bobpinheiro.com

On 9/12/2012 6:26 PM, Heather Flanagan wrote:
> Hi all -
> From today's meeting, I caught the following discussion topics for 
> next week's strategy call.  Note we will NOT be doing an Executive 
> Director report, a review of action items, WG reports, etc.  This is 
> purely discussion on topics relevant to the future of the Kantara 
> Initiative and how Kantara responds to changes in the Trust and 
> Identity initiatives space(s).
>     Agenda
>  1. Roll Call <http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/LC/Roster>
>  2. Discussion
>      1. Consumer Identity in the context of AntiFraud
>      2. Trust Framework Subcommittee
>      3. NSTIC
>  3. AOB
>  4. Adjourn
> Are there other topics that should go on the agenda?  Any reading 
> material you would point people to for you proposed agenda topic?
> A formal agenda will of course go out prior to the call (same time, 
> same number).
> -- 
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