[KI-LC] ISWG Kickstarter for the Standard Information Sharing Label

Joe Andrieu joe at switchbook.com
Tue May 29 14:56:47 EDT 2012

Hi folks.

We've got just three days left on the Kickstarter the ISWG is running
for the Standard Information Sharing Label.


If you haven't checked it out, please do. It's cool. It's VRMy. It's the
next step in our work in the Information Sharing Work Group.

If you've been meaning to back it, go NOW!  There's no time like the

If you've already backed it, THANK YOU!  Please tell your friends and
family and ask them to make a commitment. I'm sure everyone on this list
knows colleagues who can put a modest bit of financial support behind
better standards for online privacy and data use.

In the scheme of technology development, it's a small project and we
don't need a lot of funds. It's not a $7 million VC round we're asking
for. It's good work in the right direction and we can use your help.

Blog it. Tweet it. Facebook it.  Again!


Joe Andrieu
joe at switchbook.com

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