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Thanks Sal Yes, the diagram from the NSTIC governance recs is indirectly related I guess.   But personally I don't think it is a great diagram. To me it says 'there are multiple Trust Frameworks, some of which have overlapping IdP and RPs and APs, and all broadly baselined on top of some typical/common composite elements'.  Kind of states the obvious to me....  I *think* the context of Joni's request was around what position inside the Stakeholder groups should KI take with respect to NSTIC. So when she is asking for the Venn and industry breakdown, I *think* she is asking that in the context of the KI membership and WGs, not in a general/marketplace context.  But I could well be wrong here, so at some point I am sure she will clarify. If I am on the right path with the context setting...................then there was a school of thought that KI should actually remain separate from the NSTIC stakeholder groups, because how could it operate the Assurance and Interop certification initiatives, at at the same as being in one of the stakeholder groups? Potential conflict of interest and all that..   This led onto a discussion about the positioning of the Working Groups, and some superficial analaysis of the KI membership with respect to NSTIC. Are the Working Groups deliverables implicitly (if not explicitly) supporting either KI Interop cert or KI Assurance cert revenue lines?   We pretty much came to the conclusion that they all were, with the possible exception of UMA, but even then that is debatable. TelcoID weren't quite sure, but certainly their Mobile Authentication mechanisms draft paper (that I urge to all to keep a track of because it has a really good summary of the available techniques and their advantages and disadvantages) seemed to point to a potential Interop cert play. I *think* the thought was that, depending on the outcome of this analysis KI could actually be part of an NSTIC stakeholder group AND/WHILE the interop and assurance cert initiatives remained separate. Or not.      And the membership? What would the memebrship look like if we split down the KI membership along similar lines. Go to the KI homepage and see how the members are now split into activity/industry groupings.....
 If I'm wrong on the context setting..................................and Joni is asking for a marketplace wide breakdown of the sorts of industries/industry sectors/trade associations that would be NSTIC centric/focussed/would want to join that identity ecosystem....................then a more macro-economic Venn should be drawn up. CheersColin   From: sal at idmachines.com
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Sorry to have missed the F2F and recent calls. I assume people have seen this diagram from the NSTIC governance recommendations page 4.  It would seem related.  Regards, SalFrom: lc-bounces at kantarainitiative.org [mailto:lc-bounces at kantarainitiative.org] On Behalf Of Joni Brennan
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Subject: [KI-LC] Action from Munich F2F for LC Hello LC, An action for the LC was captured in the Munich Face2Face meeting asking the LC to discuss and create a venn diagram to help better understand the positioning of different interested in their relation (or non-relation) to NSTIC.  (see below) ACTION:2012-04-13-04 - Leadership Council to refine and approve a Venn diagram capturing the following classifications of Industries- NSTIC Centric - Non-NSTIC Centric- Regulated - Non-Regulated- Unaffiliated Colin, Mikael and Jonas were also present at the meeting so I'm kindly asking if you have some more context on this request to please provide.  This activity would be related to the NSTIC DG activity to create a position paper and 'agenda' of Kantara works and activities which apply to the NSTIC developing steering group.  Heather, could we get this on the next agenda please?  Thanks in advance!=Joni

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