[KI-LC] DRAFT - Kantara Initiative's Value Proposition for Healthcare

Colin Wallis Colin.Wallis at dia.govt.nz
Wed Jun 20 20:16:38 EDT 2012

Great start Pete

I've had a few more minutes to scan it since the LC meeting.

I think it could be 'punchier' if you move the order around a bit.

Maybe bring up the 'what we offer' section towards the front, followed by the mapping piece (Summary, KI alignment) , and put the rest of the stuff in an Annex.

Also, (because strategy and positioning seems to be happening in parallel to getting these socialised externally), consider Patrick's comments on this morning's call.

Should KI extend into assuring the Device space?
Could it?
How would it do it? Would the Healthcare folks bring the device assurance capabilities to KI to support the ARB?

I'm not sure how much you could say in the RFI before your 29th June deadline given that these are pretty meaty issues for KI to work through, but you might be able to imply a preferred approach, which buys you some time.


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It is still very drafty, but enough to get the discussion/reviewing started.  The first use of this will be for the NwHIN RFI comments, due June 29th.


Thanks to Joni, Dan, and Nathan for getting this to this point.

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