[KI-LC] REVIEW DRAFT: Kantara Initiative Position Paper - NSTIC Steering Group Formation v0.2

Joni Brennan joni at ieee-isto.org
Thu Jun 7 18:32:33 EDT 2012

Hello LC and NSTIC DG,

Please find attached the early draft of Kantara Position Paper - NSTIC
Steering Group Formation

This is a draft - which means - now is the time for you members to submit
your comments and edits - both general and specific.  I will amalgamate
comments received.  A few notes. Please send with in one week for inclusion
in the next draft.

The following Groups please send in your group representative edits / copy
as appropriate.  If your group does not align or have context then you have
no action to take.
- Consumer ID WG
- Telco ID WG
- Japan WG (I'm not sure that Japan will have input as this is a US
strategy but the opportunity is open for this group as well!)
- other KI stakeholders not included above (?)

UMA WG - Eve I got your comments but would like to know which of the
stakeholder groups you see UMA aligning with.

Once we see which stakeholder groups Kantara groups are aligning with we
will be able to work forward toward final input. Please note that the NSTIC
Governance recommendation calls for organizations / individuals to identify
with ONE stakeholder group [1].  I believe this is a challenge as many
organizations will find overlap.  Our approach should be to either
- Reach consensus on one stakeholder group to identify with OR
- Provide input regarding how the governance should change to allow for
organizations / individuals to align with multiple stakeholder groups.

Remember this is our opportunity to help shape the NSTIC steering
governance model and highlight the significant work that Kantara is already
progressing in the space.

[1] Recommendation 25: Each Stakeholder should be required to
“self-identify” into the stakeholder group which it considers best
represents its primary role or interest in the Identity Ecosystem.
Self-identification into one stakeholder category at a time would prevent
organizations that may play multiple roles in the Identity Ecosystem from
exerting undue influence by gaining more than one vote on the Management
Council. Importantly, individuals that do not wish to self-identify into
one of the other 13 stakeholder groups may choose to participate as an
Unaffiliated Individual.

I look forward to working with you to publish this paper.


Joni Brennan
Kantara Initiative | Executive Director
voice:+1 732-226-4223
email: joni @ ieee-isto.org

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