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Colin Soutar email at colinsoutar.com
Wed Jun 6 10:46:40 EDT 2012

Hi -


As a result of a conversation on the Kantara Leadership Council call last
week, the question arose regarding this Discussion Group's thoughts on
potential roles for Kantara (as an organization) within the NSTIC Steering


As many of you are aware, the Steering Group will comprise two levels: the
Plenary, which includes working groups and committees; and the Management
Council, which comprises Officers, delegates from stakeholder groups, and
"at large" delegates.   It would seem that several of the Plenary working
groups and committees will be aligned with current Kantara Work Groups, and
there is clearly a lot of interest from Kantara members to participate in
some capacity, either via Kantara or through their respective organizations.
Does anyone have any thoughts regarding a potential Kantara organizational
role within the NSTIC Steering Group, as it is currently contemplated.


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Colin Soutar

Co-Chair, Kantara Privacy and Public Policy Work Group

email at colinsoutar.com

416 358 1431


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