[KI-LC] Kantara and the NSTIC

Heather Flanagan heather at kantarainitiative.org
Thu Jul 26 15:15:02 EDT 2012

To the Kantara Initiative Members -

The purpose of this message is to make you aware of an all-member ballot
to be sent out early next month as to how Kantara should position itself
with respect to participation the US government's NSTIC initiative, and
provide you with some context for your ballot decision.

As many of you are aware, the U.S. NSTIC program is quickly moving ahead
with the establishment of its Secretariat, Steering Group, and the
initial By-Laws (see http://www.nist.gov/nstic).  Last week, the Kantara
Initiative Board of Trustees met and decided that, in order to avoid any
potential conflict of interest as an identity assurance approver in
Trust Frameworks and a protocol interop accreditor, Kantara would not
seek a Delegate role in the NSTIC Steering Group.  There are, however,
other ways that Kantara may choose to participate in the NSTIC effort.

* Kantara may participate as an Observing Member, where input may be
offered as an interested party but with no vote;
* Kantara may participate as a Participating Member, where input will
be offered and Kantara will have a single vote at the table.

In either of the above two cases, Joni Brennan as Executive Director of
the Kantara Initiative would be the representative for Kantara.  Other
individuals who participate in Kantara activities such as work groups
and discussion groups, and who wish to participate in NSTIC but who do
not wish to participate as individual NSTIC members or through their own
organizations, may choose to participate as Kantara "Member Associates",
provided they are listed in the KI NSTIC Membership Agreement.
Whilethey may support Kantara positions, they will not be able to vote
on behalf of the Kantara Initiative.

On July 30, the NSTIC Program Office will be holding another webinar in
preparation for a face-to-face meeting hosted by the Secretariat on
August 15-16 in Chicago.  So the context above is based on what the
Leadership Council believes will be reflected in the consensus on the

After the July 30 call, the Leadership Council will send out an
all-member ballot to determine what role, if any, Kantara should play in
NSTIC.  Three choices will likely be presented: no participation,
participate as an Observing Member, or participate as a Participating
Member.  Kantara’s potential role in NSTIC will not negate the ability
for Kantara members to serve active roles in NSTIC work groups and
standing committees: as a NSTIC individual member; a representative of a
third-party NSTIC member organization; or as an agreed-upon
representative of Kantara’s NSTIC membership.

Heather Flanagan
Kantara Initiative
Skype: hlflanagan
email: heather at kantarainitiative.org

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