[KI-LC] NSTIC strategy sessions

Heather Flanagan hlflanagan at internet2.edu
Wed Jul 18 12:52:00 EDT 2012

They do keep things hopping, don't they!

I've made a note in the agenda to discuss the dates further.


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Hi Heather -

An additional data point was provided on yesterday's update call.   The NSTIC Steering Group Secretariat will host a pre-13 August call on or about 30th July.   The NPO stated a desire to have the foundation documents discussed on such a call in anticipation of formal approval at the face-to-face meeting.   While such progress may be fraught with challenges, it seems that the Kantara LC call in advance of the face-to-face would ideally be before July 30.

Perhaps we can further refine the dates on the call this afternoon.



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> Hello all -
> In our LC call last week, we discussed the need for preparing the KI position with regards to NSTIC and the NSTIC Steering Group.  Two meetings were proposed, one before the NSTIC face to face the week of August 13 in Chicago, one after.  Below are two doodle polls, one for the first telcon and one for the second, so we can find a time to focus specifically on these issues.
> Pre-Aug 13 poll:  http://www.doodle.com/h2s6zxmt4dmkmyiy
> Post-Aug 13 poll: http://www.doodle.com/fkbzxa6qmf9d7gfk
> Please respond no later than July 26.
> Thanks!
> Heather
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