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Joni Brennan joni at ieee-isto.org
Thu Jul 12 15:49:40 EDT 2012


I've reviewed the Operating Procedures and find no procedures with in a
work group for the dissolution of a WG.  I do find 2 ways in which actions
are defined.

1. Via a simple majority vote of the LC (OPs section 2.6), and
2. according to the process defined by the LC (

I suggest LC review item 2 because it actually defines what leads up to
item 1.  For a Work Group to self-shut-down (decharter) they would need to
hold a super-majority vote with in the WG and then notify the LC of the
results of that vote.

For example: Consumer Identity WG has 6 voting members (
http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/x/IQCX) so at least 5 people (4.5
is supermajority) must vote affirmative for the decharter action.

Should it be proven that this vote is attempted, has opportunity, but can
not be achieved, it would seem apparent that this decision comes back to
the authority of the LC OR the group continues but does not generate
quarterly reports > kicking off the quarterly reports process as defined in
item 2.  That bit of detail should close the questions about what happens
when a group may seek to decharter.  Please advise if there are questions
or concerns.



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