[KI-LC] [Kantara - Community] Kudos and a Fond Farewell to Dervla!

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I too have enjoyed working with you over these last few years. While it's sad to see you go, I've realized that it is not the job that defines the person, it is the personal relations that we remember as we all eventually move on.

All the best in your future endeavors!


On Jul 6, 2012, at 1:59 PM, "Patrick Curry" <patrick.curry at clarionidentity.com<mailto:patrick.curry at clarionidentity.com>> wrote:

Dear Dervla,

I raise my glass and echo Joni's well chosen words.

Thank you for being the person that has kept us, the standards-and-engineering-talk-too-much-folks, grounded, organised, fed and watered.  All the real stuff.

I also wish you the very best of luck with your endeavours.

And, oh by the way, I grew up in Northern Ireland and have huge respect for another Dervla - Dervla Murphy, who wrote Full Tilt: Ireland to India With a Bicycle.  Quite extraordinary that she went alone through Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and more, alone with just a bike.  Brave lady.  Nearly as old as Colin Wallis.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dervla_Murphy

Best wishes,


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On 6 Jul 2012, at 17:43, Joni Brennan wrote:

Dear Community,

Some of you may be aware that Kantara's own Dervla O'Reilly recently submitted her resignation.  For others of you, this may be news.  I wanted to take a moment to recognize the contributions Derlva has made to Kantara over the years.

First, let me note that, it has been my privilege to work with Dervla for the last ~8 years both in Kantara and previously in other incarnations.  Dervla has consistently brought the following qualities to her work environment: consistency, eye for detail, care for quality of work, team work, positive attitude and unending dependability.

Dervla has made sure that we've enjoyed not only well planned events but a bit of fun too. She has consistently taken care of the details that many of us might take for granted.  Coordinating the activities of standards and engineering people is no easy task.  Yet Dervla has always come through with shinning colors while making it look easy.  She's been willing to lend a hand to any activity - even when it was not in her scope of work.  Through it all, she's cared about the success of the organization and its people as priority one.  Given her track record of service, it should come as no surprise that, in their last meeting, the Board of Trustees made a special note of thanks for the efforts and services Dervla has provided over the years!

She's been a pleasure to work with and has become a personal friend to many of us.  Dervla, we'll all miss you at Kantara and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  I'll close by noting that this is not "goodbye", rather it's "see you later" because I'm sure we'll see you again in your next adventures.

Please join me in raising a virtual glass and wishing a big CHEERS TO DERVLA!

Best Regards,


Joni Brennan
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