[KI-LC] IAWG approved Additional Criteria:

Anna Ticktin annaticktin at me.com
Thu Jan 26 14:21:42 EST 2012

Hello there-

Attached is the final approved version of IAWG's Additional Criteria: US Federal Privacy Profile v2.0. 

(This is virtually the same document that had been put forth a few times over the fall for LC ratification as a recommendation, but it was sent back to the IAWG do be "re-versioned" and downgraded to report status.) 

As this profile is eagerly anticipated by our friends at ICAM, we ask that LC members please review this brief document and come prepared to either further discuss or approve it on next week's call, 1 Feb 2012. With that, I hope that all voting members will be able to dial-in and address this as a priority on the agenda.

Many thanks for your assistance. 
We look forward to having you on the call next Wednesday!

—> Anna Ticktin

       anna at kantarainitiative.org
       anna at ieee-isto.org

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