[KI-LC] DRAFT: KI Participant poll re: plenary

Heather Flanagan heather at kantarainitiative.org
Wed Aug 29 18:34:19 EDT 2012

Hi all -

Any feedback on the content of the poll/message to go to the community
mailing list?



We are assessing potential dates for our 2012 Kantara Initiative
plenary.  With so many interesting meetings and conferences happening
this fall, we are hoping to find a time that will allow participants for
the most efficient travel planning possible.  Since previous Kantara
plenary meetings have been held in Europe and on the US West Coast, we
are looking to hold this meeting on the US East Coast in the Washington,
DC area.

Link to poll: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MWHZT88

In an effort to better serve our communities, we are asking you to take
approximately 1 minute to complete a survey to help us plan for the
event.  We appreciate your feedback!

For more information around other conferences and meetings of potential
interest to the Kantara community, please see the Kantara Community

Heather Flanagan
Kantara Initiative
Skype: hlflanagan
email: heather at kantarainitiative.org

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