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Joni Brennan joni at ieee-isto.org
Wed Aug 29 16:00:18 EDT 2012


To keep the LC agenda moving this weeks ED Report "lite" is sent in to the
list below.  Please include this in the minutes and there are a couple of
questions embedded I hope we can discuss.


- Kantara will be participating in the RSA London events as part of UK Id
Management Panels.
- Kantara will also be participating at Federal Computer Weekly's - Federal
Standards event Oct 18 in DC.
- We will need to plan for the Kantara Fall F2F meeting starting now.
Expecting LC to start this discussion.

- Demand is growing for the Assurance program.
- Queue of 10 orgs to get some form of Approval / Recognition

- Moving forward with partnerships
- Moving to deployment verification program
- Plan to use combination of open and commercial tools
- first uses facing Gov deployment Profiles of SAML also Profiles of OpenID

- Committee and WG formations moving forward.
- Next meeting F2F planned for Oct 29-30 in DC
- There will be virtual participation.
- Big goal is to finalize ByLaws and other possible controlling documents.
- Seeking to understand LC input: if Joni should put in for possible
leadership role in Trust Framework WG.

- Initiative supporting transparent and consensus driven open standards
- IAB, IEEE, IETF, ISOC and W3C have signed to "stand" for the principles (
- Should Kantara sign in support? (no monetary commitment - rather, a
statement and right to use mark of support)


Joni Brennan
Kantara Initiative | Executive Director
voice:+1 732-226-4223
email: joni @ ieee-isto.org

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