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Thanks Colin S
Your proposed wording sounds pretty good to me.
WRT international...crikey.. Nat and I had both indicated at CIS 2012 that we could not attend Chicago in person. 
Even if I got passed the absence for the first 3 days of the planned family ski week, the Department would sure want to know what they are getting out of this travel.
Right now, I am listed as an individual participating member in Interoperability.
I *could* turn that into an organization membership with some pushing of buttons up the chain of command, but I am not sure the NZ Govt gets any more benefit out of it than if I continue as an individual. In fact the opposite - their risk epxosure is reduced somewhat.
And to prove the benefit, I'd have to evidence a leadership position given that NSTIC is along way off producing something we could re-use down here. So there my nomination would be ..a non American (individual, or NZ govt NSTIC member) stacked up against Medallies, Surescripts and Intel. 
I'd love to think that the Interop group would be so magnanimous ad open minded to consider those candidates on a level paying but personally I doubt it!:-)
That said, you must be curious how it will go, in the unaffiliated goup. Only yourself Colin S, is *actually* unaffiliated .... in the spirit of the word, as opposed to being unaffiliated from a stakeholder group.
Oh man, this is going to be a crazy ride.. :-)

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Hi Colin –
International participation was favorably mentioned with the positive note that representatives from UK, New Zealand, Canada, and EU were expected to be present in Chicago.
In regards to wording of the all-member ballot, they discussed exclusions specifically for corporations (i.e. parent, subsidiaries etc. all belong to the same member organization, as expected), and noted that other organizations that encompassed a broad range of interest were welcome to join.   I think therefore that there is no need to mention anything in the ballot regarding Kantara’s potential membership and Kantara members joining via other affiliations – it seems pretty clear that this is expected.   
They did describe (very broadly) the expectations for Participant versus Observer.
I think the ballot simply needs to ask.
Further to the previous email communication (include reference), do you think that Kantara should join the NSTIC Steering Group as a member organization?
If Yes, do you think that Kantara should be a Participating member or an Observing member?
Note that in the event that Kantara joins as either a Participating or an Observing member, the Executive Director, Joni Brennan, would serve as the Primary Organizational Representative.

Best regards,
Colin Soutar
Vice-Chair, Kanara Leadership Council
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Personally, I had more Flash Player install problems than I had expected (despite allowing some time before the start to download and install it but still not fully resolved) so only followed via the slides.
So from that I did get a sense of what was going down, but clearly not the whole story.
Was there anything of significance that should be taken account of in the wording/context for the all-member ballot? 
PS: or anything related to international participation? 
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