[KI-LC] Action from Munich F2F for LC

Salvatore D'Agostino sal at idmachines.com
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Sorry to have missed the F2F and recent calls.

I assume people have seen this diagram from the NSTIC governance 
recommendations page 4.  It would seem related.



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Hello LC,

An action for the LC was captured in the Munich Face2Face meeting asking the 
LC to discuss and create a venn diagram to help better understand the 
positioning of different interested in their relation (or non-relation) to 
NSTIC.  (see below)

ACTION:2012-04-13-04 - Leadership Council to refine and approve a Venn diagram 
capturing the following classifications of Industries

- NSTIC Centric

- Non-NSTIC Centric

- Regulated

- Non-Regulated

- Unaffiliated

Colin, Mikael and Jonas were also present at the meeting so I'm kindly asking 
if you have some more context on this request to please provide.  This 
activity would be related to the NSTIC DG activity to create a position paper 
and 'agenda' of Kantara works and activities which apply to the NSTIC 
developing steering group.

Heather, could we get this on the next agenda please?

Thanks in advance!


Joni Brennan
Kantara Initiative | Executive Director
voice:+1 732-226-4223
email: joni @ ieee-isto.org

YouTube: Kantara Initiative - The Bridge to Assurance Communities

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