[KI-LC] Fwd: REMINDER and AGENDA Kantara LC telcon 2012-04-25

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If you're planning to join the LC meeting - we're on the line now and
welcome your participation! (see details below)



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Subject: [KI-LC] REMINDER and AGENDA Kantara LC telcon 2012-04-25
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Hi all -

The full agenda for the Kantara LC call this Wednesday is available online:

Please note the change in dial in information!
Call-in toll-free number: 1-866-2030920
Call-in number: 1-206-4450056

   Conference Code: 5423695925

International Dial-In Numbers: http://bit.ly/intnl_nums

Agenda Summary:
   Roll Call
   Approve 2012-03-21 Minutes
       quarterly reports due from all WG & DG leadership teams by the end
of April
       upcoming leadership elections (TFMM, BCTF, HIA, TELCO)
       Subscribers - Operating Procedures Update
       Social Media guidelines (
       LC telecon provider
       promoting the ISWG kickstarter (Joe Andrieu)
   WG Updates
   BoT Liaison Representative Update
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